How to plan an amazing micro-Wedding to celebrate your postponed Wedding!


Credits: L&J’s Wedding @ Villa Tre Ville, Positano

The global pandemic forced you and your Groom-to-be to move your Wedding Day to 2021 or beyond, but what if you still want to have a great Wedding celebration? There are so many different special ways to say your ‘Yes,I dos’ now… But how do you get started? Find out more here!

credits: L&J’s Wedding @ Villa Tre Ville, Positano

Rethink your Stationery

By the time the pandemic hit, most couples of betrothed sent out the greater part of their Wedding stationery or save-the-date cards at least. And if you’re planning to have a micro-Wedding celebration, you should rethink the paper items you already have without ordering new invitations. Then, add to your invitations a ‘change of plans’ card to send out to your closest family and friends and that’s it!

Choose Wisely

Most likely, you & your Groom want to invite everyone you know to celebrate your special day… But the premise of a micro-Wedding is to celebrate your love just with your closest relatives and dearest friends. Hence, choose wisely your loved ones!

Adjust your Wedding Design

Even if you may want to go with the very same color-palette and flower arrangements you initially chose, I suggest you opt for something different for your micro-Wedding. There are so many blooms and color schemes, don’t get stuck just on the first one!

Find the Right Wedding Venue

Social distancing is paramount, even at a micro-Wedding, so it’s important to consider an open-air setting that will allow guests to have their own space. Our Coast hosts so many secret gardens, private beaches and terraces to choose as a setting of your micro-Wedding where you can easily have a small intimate group in a larger space!

Go for a Single-serve Menu

In order to keep everyone safe, you should go for a single-serve Menu… Mini-bottles of sparkling water, fresh drinks or wine for each guest and pre-plated appetizers with a mix of everything or small portions of fresh culinary specialties for food. Your guests will appreciate it!

Pay attention to the Details

Details are what make your celebration unique to the two of you, so don’t underestimate them for your micro-Wedding… Without a huge number of guests, including personal touches will be more doable! Things like personal vows, calligraphy place cards, serving a favorite dish for dinner or interactive ceremony elements that get your guests involved can make your day unforgettable!

Consider a Destination Wedding

If it’s something you’ve always dreamed of, start looking into how to make it happen… A micro-Wedding might be the best occasion to celebrate your Destination Wedding!



credits: L&J’s Wedding @ Villa Tre Ville, Positano

Beautiful venues and my professional work are at your disposal to plan the most romantic micro-Wedding for you on our gorgeous Amalfi Coast!