It’s time to celebrate your engagement party!



People always talk about weddings, weddings, weddings…. What about your engagement party? Your fiancé popped the question and you said a massive ‘Yes, I will!!!’ Your wedding will be held next year, you haven’t chosen the date yet… but it’s already time to celebrate!


Once your engagement news comes out, everyone will want to congratulate you and an engagement party will sound perfect! I’m pretty sure a few questions about the planning of your engagement party are probably swirling around your brain. Read on to find out everything you need to know about planning the flawless engagement party…

credits: Christiina McNeill

When having your engagement party?

Generally, the engagement party falls within a few months of the proposal, that moment in your life you’re just-engaged and you start thinking about the Wedding planning. In case you’re going to have your engagement party on Amalfi Coast, the beginning of September or the Spring season are without a shadow of doubt the best periods.

Who throws the party?

Traditionally, Bride’s parents are expected to host the first official celebration, but you don’t necessarily have to follow the rules. Nowadays, anyone can throw the engagement party and you can throw your own party… your parents, friends and relatives may join the party just as guests. It’s really up to you!

Where should it take place?

Regarding the location of your engagement party, you may decide to have your party in your own city or hold it in the country you may choose for your destination wedding. It is also true that many couples celebrate with different engagement parties because their friends and family are spread all over the World, so you could celebrate in two different places! You just need to think about the vibe you want to create: a more elegant and original setting or a casual and informal one? For example, our Coast boasts a huge variety of hotel terraces or private beaches where you can hold your unforgettable party.

Need to send invitations?

You or whoever is going to throw the party should send official engagement party invitations. Go for plain and informal paper invitations or even opt for digital invites. And don’t worry if you haven’t chosen your wedding color palette or even your wedding date, the engagement party invitations don’t have to match with the rest of your stationery.

Who should be invited?

Following the rules, everyone who will be invited to your engagement party must be invited to your Wedding too. By the way, engagement party guest list expectations have changed! Engagement parties can definitely include people who aren’t invited to the wedding, so feel free to invite all the people you want to share the big news with or whoever you want to have at your side. For a destination engagement party, I suggest you invite just a few people!

What about decorations?

Don’t rush into choosing your wedding colors or theme so that your engagement party can match with details, themes and decors: candlelight, balloons, confetti and floral arrangements are always the best choice!

In short, an engagement party is a great way to share the exciting news and get family and friends together to celebrate… Why not celebrate it on Amalfi Coast?

I’m waiting for you!