Joanne & Ken

Dear Ale,

well it’s been a month since our wedding and I’m still on a high. What can I say?

Ale, you are wonder woman! The whole day from start to finish was perfect. You planned everything just right, even the weather! Ale, you joked that you had booked the moon for the evening and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. There is nothing you can’t do!

All our guests are raving about the wedding. In a strange twist we are receiving thank you cards from them rather than the other way around. I could go on forever about how great the flowers, music, food, hair, makeup were but what made it so special was the Italian people.

I knew the Italians loved weddings but the way everyone in town was so warm and welcoming was fantastic. My father has not stopped talking about the walk up to the church and how everyone came out to greet us, he was awestruck.

Fr John was so nice and his service was so personal even though he had just met us.

The staff in the restaurant were great, really nice, actually we bumped into some of the staff the next evening and they bought us a round of drinks! We’ve made a few friends in them.

Ken’s aunt told a story where she was on a bus to Amalfi and she got chatting to a local Italian and was asked was she part of the Irish wedding! We certainly made an impact. As I have said before if you ever need a reference or recommendation I’ll be happy to.