Looking for the perfect wedding colour palette?


When you’re in the planning process, you’ll probably get asked “What is your colour palette?” and are you going crazy about it? I knew it! Picking the ‘right’ hue and matching it with every details of your wedding day is definitely not a simple matter. The shades chosen will shape the most of your wedding decisions, like flowers or bridesmaid dresses. It will become a sort of guideline.

First things first, you should get inspired by your venue and the general setting of your wedding ceremony. Your venue absolutely need to work with your colours, hence, use it and its surroundings to come up with your shades and your colour-code will highlight what you love the most about your venue. In addition to this, you should think seasonally to bring out your shades, just like you do with your clothes! Take inspiration from the season you’re getting married and set the personal vibe you want to have on your special day: romantic, nostalgic, festive and so on. And… don’t overthink it, I’ll show you some of the coolest colour-combos.

Lavender, Sage & Dusty

credits: https://colorpalettes.net/color-palette-3191/

Best played with: spring or autumn season weddings.

Tips for pulling it off: this light pastel palette perfectly fits with a sophisticated open-air reception. Inebriate your guests’ senses with the scent of lavender incorporating it into your welcome cocktail and placecards along with other aromatic herbs and eucalyptus.

Navy, Cerulean, Yellow & Pearl

credits: https://colorpalettes.net/color-palette-1117/

Best played with: summer destination weddings.

Tips for pulling it off: if you’re celebrating your day on a terrace sea-view get inspired by this seafaring colour-combo. Navy and cerulean tones will fully match with the sea…and the yellow will give that bright Italian touch. Thus, you can lean on white blooms placing navy and yellow details everywhere, like table-setting and favors.

Ivory & Antique Gold

credits: https://colorpalettes.net/color-palette-2330/

Best played with: formal weddings.

Tips for pulling it off: What could be more romantic than a timeless wedding palette? Outfit your tables with a chic blanket of cream tablecloths and arrange garlands of greenery and ivory flowers for an elegant and romantic atmosphere. White candles and golden candlesticks are the ideal! In short it’s your call…you’ll see colours you already love in a new way!