Nathalie & Benjamin

May 25th, 26th, 27th 2017 – Positano

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Working with Alessandra and Annachiara was hands down one of the best decisions we made for planning our wedding. As soon as we had our first phone call, their creative minds started turning and they started to get organized to handle what was notably a very difficult and complicated three day event.

  • Creative
    They introduced us to clever ideas that were local that we could never have thought of ourselves. They were able to help us achieve entertainment dreams that we had already closed the door on with their creative thinking and network. We will never forget seeing the final choreographed ballet for the first time… it gave Nathalie tears of joy!
  • Organized
    Their collection and organization of data was key. We knew we could count on them to keep track of everything from the transportation, timing, payments, vendors, details, etc. They were able to put emphasis on things we may have disregarded as unimportant. They were strict with their rules and politely pushed vendors so that we wouldn’t have to. Their organization is meticulous and this three day event would not have been possible without such great attention to detail.
  • Knowledgeable
    Alessandra & Annachiara are local, have been in the business for a long time and thus know handfuls of talented and professional vendors who catered to our every need. They were able to think of details and potential risks and made sure that they were all taken care of so that we would have nothing to worry about during the events. Their background in music also helped to make sure that we had everything we needed with sound and lightning to make all the booked entertainment a success. Their great reputation with their network speaks volumes for their characters and business style.
  • Passionate and respectful
    ‘We will do everything to make your wedding dreams come true.’ Alessandra & Annachiara have a beautiful ability to understand a bride and groom’s vision for their wedding events and then work so hard to make that vision come true! It is a gift, and they have it! Since we had three different events, we were able to see them work on three quite different styles and beautifully execute details and moods for those events exactly as we imagined them. They were always passionate and extremely hard working throughout our entire time of working together – the months leading up to the wedding and then of course the three wedding events themselves! Their own high standard of quality matched our expectations so well, we knew we didn’t even have to mention certain things but that they would have them presented perfectly. They were always professional, kind and respectful to everyone around them and passionately helped create our dream wedding.

In summary, we would not have had the successful wedding that we had without Alessandra & Annachiara’s help. We cannot thank them enough! I highly recommend them and their team for any event in the Amalfi Coast.

PS: You were my angels!

Thank you so much for all your help. A million times ‘Thank You’. I’m emotional in thinking of everything that you did for us and how smoothly everything went thanks to you. Thank you so much for your time and passion and for making it really a dream come true. Hugs!!!

Watch the video of Nathalie and Benjamin’s wonderful wedding