Nothing says Spring like Wedding Flowers


The new season is around the corner… and talking about wedding celebrations what would be a wedding without flowers? It’s like Spring without blooms. I guess you’re a newbie about flowers and you’re wondering what’s the most important thing to consider when choosing your wedding flowers, you ended up in the right place!

Wedding flowers are one of the key elements of your BIG day. Not only your wedding flowers will set the tone and theme of the day, they will also provide colour and decoration as a symbol of love and growth throughout the entire ceremony.


That’s why, I’ll give you some tips about the choice of the right floral arrangement.

Share your ideas

First and foremost, finding your own inspiration will come in handy when you’ll be describing your vision to your potential florist. There are tons of inspiration around, but collecting everything you especially like will be helpful to set your vibe. I’d suggest blooms such as peonies and roses, they totally suit a classy vibe, while if you’d love to give a romantic touch lush arrangements and big blooms will work.

Pay attention to the season

Yes, your wedding date will play a big role in which kind of flowers you can get. Well, certain blooms could be out of season and become more expensive and harder to find at different times of the year. Furthermore, if you’re getting married during the hot summer months keep in mind you’ll need your flowers to be able to last, such as lavender or roses.

Let your venue influence your floral arrangement

The area where your ceremony and reception take place can help you a lot with choosing the right floral arrangement. If you’re marrying in a park or an open-air venue, you can get your ‘wow’ effect keeping flowers to a minimum and utilising the natural blooms around the venue. Moreover, it’s necessary to keep in mind your table-setting too, round tables or imperial tables, they can influence the shape and style of your floral centerpieces. Hence, your venue will widely influence your decisions.

Don’t forget your colour palette

If you have your colour scheme set, make sure to tell your florist!

Have in mind your dress

Your bridal bouquet is your main wedding accessory and should complement the dress you chose, so you need to think about your wedding flowers also in reference to your dress. Usually, a bride’s dress is to be white and any colour will easily match. I tend to suggest flowers in shades of soft pastels and a lots of lush green foliage.

Recycle Your Blooms

Last but not least, your “Yes, I dos” will probably last more or less one hour, on the contrary your wedding flowers will last longer. Then, you can reuse your floral arrangements such as aisle arrangements or bridesmaid bouquets to adorn other areas of your venue: just like at at the moment of
the cake-cutting.

Let romance blossom on your Wedding Day!