Lemon Tour

A daily itinerary to discover the yellow fruit of the sun, the Amalfi Coast lemon, and taste the original limoncello and lemon delight

Lemon Tour



Lemon Tour

A daily itinerary to discover the yellow fruit of the sun, the Amalfi Coast lemon, and taste the original limoncello and lemon delight

This daily itinerary will take place along the west side of the Sambuco stream Valley (Sambuco is a Hamlet close by Ravello). Participants will be conducted through the Valley to discover the “sun’s fruit”, the Amalfi Coast lemon. There will be an explanation about its history, gathering and transportation system, properties and virtues.

Walking from Ravello to Minori, there will be an intermediate stop by a typical lemon garden, located in Villamena. In Minori, participants will taste gastronomic products, which are related to the lemon cultivation.

A lunch, whose menu will feature lemon specialties, will be held in a typical restaurant. Then the adventure will continue with a visit to a pasta making laboratory, a limoncello facility and a local pastry shop. As a hand out, visitors will receive a small book on the uses and traditions related to the Amalfi Coast lemon.

Please note: the itinerary is 3 km long, with a gradient of 440 meters. Total steps from Ravello to Minori are 900.

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Schedule Activity description
9:45 am Meeting point in Piazza Vescovado, Ravello
10:00 am Visit the Duomo of Ravello, a XI century church
10:40 am Leave the Duomo and walk towards the Hamlet of Torello di Ravello
10:50 am Arrive in Torello di Ravello and visit of the local little church
11:10 am Leave Torello di Ravello and walk towards Mr. Della Mura house. Mr. Della Mura is a traditional smallholder, who has spent all his life in this business. He is used to carrying big and heavy large baskets full of lemons up and down between Ravello and Minori
11:25 am Arrive in Mr. Della Mura’s house for a lecture on lemon cultivation techniques. Fresh lemonade will be offered to the participants
12:00 pm Leave Mr. Della Mura’s house and walk towards Minori
12:10 pm Arrive in Minori, walk through the village and reach the Agriculture Consortium (Coldiretti). Participants will learn about the regional agriculture production, including a lecture on the impact of agriculture on the local economy
12:50 pm Leave Coldiretti and walk to a local restaurant for a typical lunch
1:00 pm Lunch featuring the local culinary tradition with delicious dishes based on lemon
Lunch Menu

  • Lemon salad
  • Lemon tagliolini (type of pasta very similar to fettuccine)
  • Grilled provola (type of cheese) in lemon leaves, a portion of parmisan eggplant with potatoes
  • Lemon cake
  • Beverages: 1/2 liter mineral water, 1/4 liter of house wine per person, limoncello
2:45 pm Leave the restaurant and walk towards “Il Pastaio”, a pasta making laboratory. This is a family owned and run business. The owner had been working in an hotel for years, before deciding (8 years ago), to adventure himself in this business
3:00 pm Visit of “Il Pastaio” where participants will see how fusils, trofie and gnocchi are made from scratch. Demonstration and possibility to purchase the local products
3:25 pm Leave “Il Pastaio” and walk towards a limoncello production facility. The owner is a man in his fifties, who can claim to be one of the first limoncello producers in the area
3:30 pm Visit the limoncello production facility. The owner will explain the production techniques needed to produce the limoncello, as well as other famous Amalfi Coast specialties, such as the “Amalfi sfusato”. Demonstration, tasting session and possibility of purchasing the local products
3:55 pm Leave the limoncello production facility and walk towards “De Riso” pastry. This family owned pastry (more than 20 years of activity) is well known for the quality of the production, as well as the fame of the owner, guest in very popular Italian shows
4:00 pm Visit the well-known pastry shop “De Riso”, where the famous Salvatore will explain the secrets of preparing typical Amalfi Coast desserts, such as “Lemon delight”. Demonstration, tasting session and possibility to purchase the local products
4:30 pm Leave Minori and reach Ravello by a public bus
5:00 pm End of the excursion (Piazza Vescovado, Ravello)
  • sportswear
  • raincoat
  • trekking boots
  • hat
  • sun glasses
  • camera

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