Postponed Wedding? Here my tips to store your Bridal Dress!



If your big day was postponed due to the global pandemic, you already know there’s a lot to think about! In addition to reviewing your plans, choosing a new date, reviewing your decorations and updating the whole guest list, you also have to think about what you’ll do with your Bridal Dress. For many brides, the search for ‘the one’ can be a long and heartfelt process which involves months of appointments and hours of search. After all, it will be the dress in which you are supposed to spend one of the most incredible days of your life. Therefore, you need to make sure your Bridal Dress stays in the best condition for as long as possible… I’ll give you some tips about what you should do with the dress you spent months searching for!


Store your Bridal Dress in a cool & dark place

In order to protect your Bridal Dress from light, which can easily fade your dress color, store it in a cool and dark place. But, wherever you’ll store your Bridal Dress, you should avoid storing it in a zip-up bag, the cloth needs ‘to breathe’. Then, you should go for a professional wedding preservation box, or better yet, a wedding chest.

Avoid Damp Places

Don’t store your gown in an attic, a garage or a basement as the temperatures and humidity in these areas of your home can be extreme and damage your Bridal Dress.

To hang or not to hang?

When you’re going to hang your Bridal Dress, you first need to take its weight into consideration. If your dress is a few light layers, satin or silk, hanging it will be the best way to store your Bridal Dress. On the contrary, if you have a heavy Bridal Dress with lots of layers or a wide gown, you will need to dedicate a whole room in your home to store your Bridal Dress, laying it flat on top of a bed in order to save its shape.

Handle it with care

If your Bridal Dress has special embroidery or bead decorations sewn on its gown, you should always use white cotton gloves when you’re handling it if you don’t want to damage it!

Keep the Dust & Stains away

Remember! On a white Bridal Dress, even a tiny speck of dust or stains will show up. Make sure there’s nothing that might touch your Bridal Dress once you stored it, you don’t want to stain it!

Remember to inspect your Bridal Dress

Regardless of the place and the method, I recommend weekly inspections if you want to make sure nothing happened to your Bridal Dress.

Leave a Bridal Note

Furthermore, I suggest leaving a note on the door or on the box, reminding people that there’s a Bridal Dress right there!

Don’t forget your Veil

Last but not least, you should properly hang your veil as well, so make sure to have a veil storage clip on hand! No matter what you’re looking for, I’m always here to give you all the tips you need about your #destinationlove