Things worth trying on our Coast for an epic destination wedding


The seaside of our Coast it is not merely a stunning venue to tie the knot, this region has the 35% of the total touristic offer all over Europe. Here, the history calls: Pompei, Herculaneum, Paestum, Capri Island, Naples, Reggia di Caserta, Theatre of S. Carlo. The wellness calls: Spa Resorts,Thermal stations, Mediterranean diet. The food calls: olive oil, mozzarella cheese, wines, pizza, pasta, spaghetti, cooking lessons, parmesan, tiramisu and so on.

Since traveling to Italy for your wedding day is not an ordinary thing, on the contrary, it will be a perfect opportunity to spend time with your families and closest friends in a new country making your destination wedding even richer and more special! And why not think big for your wedding and turn it into an unforgettable travel-experience? Moments that your guests and you will cherish for years to come.

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Have a look-see at my suggestions and get inspired. I’ll show you a few tailored activities that will keep your guests busy in the discovery of your location prior the big day.

Wine Tasting

The Amalfi Coast represents the ideal place to experience a wine tasting. This corner of land hosts so many vineyards where some of the finest Italian wines are being produced. Tasting this variety of flavors combined with typical snacks can be a real treat for your guests’ palate. They will have the opportunity to know more about the history of the wine production process and take away a traditional Italian souvenir on their way back.

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Cooking Class

Italy is known world-wide for its vast culinary tradition, so what’s better than a cooking class? For those guests who want to test their culinary skills and know the Italian cuisine to the fullest, it will be possible to arrange real cooking classes in which you will prepare the typical dishes of the Amalfi tradition. A genuine taste of the Coast that will involve all 5 senses!

Boat Tour

From wherever you are on our Coast, you can plan boat trips to reach one of the most beautiful island of Italy, Capri, and wandering around narrow streets and go shopping.

Excursion & Daily Trip

Instead, for the guests that will be intrigued by the history of our Coast, between the hills and the seaside are hidden tiny villages surrounded by the charm of ancient myths and legends, just like the myth of the Nymph Amalfi. And again, for those guests with a more sporty and adventurous spirit, you will find many tracking routes such as the famous Path of the Gods, where you can reach points with a breathtaking view enjoying Italian routes and get in touch with the real Italian mood.

Creating dreams is my job, I can make this and more come true!