What you need to know about postponing your Wedding Day


As the wedding season approaches, more and more brides and grooms-to-be are surely wondering what they’re supposed to do about their wedding ceremony. There’s always so much to think about when planning a wedding day, but sadly this emergency means changing your plans.

Regardless the date on the calendar or if the wedding ceremony will be held in your country or abroad, at this moment in time the only thing recommended is the postponement of wedding celebrations till further notice. Here, what you need to know if you’re planning to say “Yes,I do” in the coming months.

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In your country or abroad? Need to re-plan or postpone?

If you’ve planned your wedding in your country, it will be much easier to re-plan your ceremony. Whether your wedding is a destination one, you should consider postponing the whole ceremony until the country of destination will have opened its borders again. Don’t be dramatic, postponing it’s better than cancelling!

Speak with your Wedding Planner

If you’ve already signed contracts with wedding vendors such as photographer or florist, first people to contact are them. Hence, you should talk with your Wedding Planner and try to understand what could be done to keep your wedding ceremony ‘safe’. For example, you should check your venue availability on a new date option and choose a plan B for every detail planned. Probably, you’ll have to tie-the-knot during the winter season, but don’t worry…your Planner will give you even a plan C if needed!

Your guests come first

First of all, inform all your guests of the postponement of your wedding and check when they could be available as soon as possible. In order to avoid annoying questions from your guests and family members, reassure them about your wedding ceremony and keep them in the loop about any changes. Moreover, if you’ve asked your guests to travel for your destination wedding, it’s important to have different travel options for both you and your guests in the coming months, flights have been cancelled and hotels have been closed.

Think about a new date

If you want your nearest-and-dearest to attend your wedding day, you just have to think about a new date on the calendar rescheduling it from six months to one year. It’s not a tragedy, you can postpone now and keep on planning your ceremony until your new date!

Rethink the details

If you’re going to change the date, likely in a new season, your wedding details should embrace the seasonality of your ceremony, from flowers to the food and you will have plenty of time to think again about your wedding details.

Celebrate your day by the way

Now it may sound like a nightmare, but when your wedding day finally comes this unpleasant moment will be just a far memory and you will be sharing your best day with all the people you love most!

We’re in this together,