Why should you hire a Planner for your Destination Wedding?


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It’s common knowledge that planning a Destination Wedding requires coordination, attention, patience and a lot of trust… Just like that!

If having a ceremony far far away from home can be a beautiful moment, on the other side the planning process preceding it can be very stressful and hard. Hence, hiring a trusted professional Wedding Planner can help make the planning process much easier and the time that separates you from your ‘Yes, I do’ will flow more smoothly.

wedding planner in Italy
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Here, some reasons why hiring a local planner like me for your #destinationlove

Don’t worry, be happy!

A local planner like me can ease the stress by being able to have an answer for all your questions or doubts, always offering a professional opinion. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that your Wedding Planner will be a paramount help if you have to make hard decisions such as postponing your Wedding date or last minute changes

Your Point-Person

A real Destination Wedding Planner has behind her back years and years of experience, local connections, resources and relationships built over time. She can handle any problem and give you any suggestions you need. After all, the job of a planner is to ensure a flawless Destination Wedding and her suggestions will only be the best of the best.

Endless knowledge

A local Wedding Planner knows all the best attractions, restaurants, activities and accommodations of the area you choose. She will be able to give recommendations or help you decide where to book your guests’ stay, especially if you’re trying to coordinate a large group of people. Once you and your guests arrive, you won’t need to research where to go or what to do, because a real Planner will even be able to plan your Wedding Weekend with her local knowledge, amazing your guests.

Follow blindly!

This is easier said than done, but I suggest being flexible and open to any ideas and recommendations of your Destination Wedding Planner. You just need to pass her your idea of Wedding Ceremony and that’s it! The rest of the job will be done by your Wedding Planner, you have hired her for her expertise after all.

Save your Money!

You might be thinking that hiring a Destination Wedding Planner can be expensive, but there are many professional Wedding Planners who are pocket friendly and experts in their job. In addition, vendors may try to price their services higher if they know you’re coming from out of town… And that’s where your Destination Wedding Planner plays her role! Since she knows local vendors, she can save you from getting tricked by local vendors and save your money as well.

Legalities Are Taken Care of

Your Wedding Planner has deep knowledge of the legal process to register a Wedding as well as other legal formalities to make your Wedding legally accepted. The Wedding Planner you hire will take care of all legal formalities, registrations, document verifications and everything else related to it. Totally worry-free!

For these and many other reasons, I’m here to make your #destinationlove unforgettable!