All you need to know about Wedding Invitations


As many engaged couples who are getting married during this year, you are forced to handle a wedding postponement and reschedule your wedding celebrations too. Probably, you’ve already slowed down your planning process and went for a change-the-date, but luckily your invitations weren’t ready and sent yet!

Wedding invitations are one of the key things to focus on during your wedding planning. Here, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Wedding Invitations.

wedding invitations handmade
credits: @amalficalligraphy

Choose Your Style

Your Wedding Invitations give your guests a first idea about what kind of ceremony your wedding will be, so the style of your invitation will say a lot about your marriage: classic and elegant… or casual and romantic?

Whatever the style of your ceremony is, your invitations must represent it to the fullest! If you want to give a romantic touch you should opt for a classic calligraphy or modern graphic design if you prefer a sparkling look.

Match with your Colours

Never forget your Wedding Colours! In order to give your entire ceremony a cohesive look, you should incorporate your colour palette into your wedding invitations as well. Basically, brides-to-be go for ivory, cream or milky-white paired with a dark color which highlights the texts… You could also opt for lively hues, pastel colours or gold and silver metallic fonts. And then, carry them throughout the rest of your wedding paper such as cards, stationery, menus combining them with your venue for example.

Play with Shapes

If you don’t want to choose the classic rectangular shape for your wedding invitations, you could focus on modern and alternative forms such as circular or squared shapes in order to give your invitations an original look!

Choose accurately Your Words

The wording on the invitations should be accurately thought. Traditionally, the main information to be included are bride and groom’s name, date of the big day, general information about location and reception and finally time of your ceremony. You might use traditional wedding invitation wording such as They celebrate their union or informal invitation wording such as Celebrate our Wedding with us, for example. Furthermore, be sure to give your guests a deadline to confirm their presence at your wedding including a final line such as The favor of a reply is requested by… or a more informal one such as R.V.S.P. Last but not least, do not forget your thank-yous!

Put a decoration

Add some personal touches to your Wedding Invitations such as a wax seal with your initials, a ribbon, a tiny flower or a scented item. Your guests will feel pampered from the get-to!

When to Send

Generally, invitations should be sent 3 or 4 months before the Wedding. You & your Hubby-to-be have been planning your big day for the last year, but your guests need to save the official date on their calendars in advance. Moreover, if you’re having a Destination Wedding, you should send out your invitations even earlier… your guests may also need to ask for time off from work and make hotel reservations.

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