Ancient traditions you need to know about your Italian Destination Wedding



Did you know that there are so many ancient Wedding traditions? Just like that! From the bouquet toss to wearing an accessory belonged to your grandmother, borrowed or blue…Wedding customs remain popular even today and most Brides-to-be choose one to follow. I’ll reveal you surprising italian rituals that every Bride-to-be should know to give her #destinationlove a bit of italian touch. Ready to discover them?

Sing your LOVE!

This tradition is known as ‘La Serenata’ and usually takes place during the eve of the Wedding Day, the Groom in order to surprise the Bride-to-be goes under her window and with the complicity of friends and relatives waits for the Bride entertaining themselves until she appears. A band of musicians begins to play some of the most famous love songs of the Italian tradition serenading his fiancée. The Bride-to-be surprised by the sound of music, looks out the window and finds her Groom holding a bouquet of flowers inviting her to join him. Once the Bride reaches her Groom…the party begins!

Superstitions, superstitions, superstitions

Bridal dresses have superstitions of all sorts, the Bride is supposed to wear nothing gold on her Wedding Day apart from the wedding ring, it is considered bad luck! Actually, the Bride has to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and something she has received as a gift. Another funny superstition regards the mirror! It is said that the Bride-to-be shouldn’t look into the mirror with her bridal dress on. If she really wants to take one last look-see before reaching her Groom, she has to first remove a shoe, an earring or a glove.

Shower of rice

After the ceremony, as the newlyweds are leaving the Church, rice is showered on them by their guests to symbolise fertility. Only after this ritual, all guests get closer to the couple and personally congratulate them on their union. In some regions in Italy, the Bride and the Groom have to tie a ribbon in front of the Church, the ribbon represents the Bride and Groom ‘tying the knot’.

Dress your guests

Another important tradition about the Bridal dress concerns the dress code of the guests, it’s considered rude wearing white color for their clothing. The Bride should be the only one to wear it!

The Bouquet toss

According to tradition, the Groom is expected to gift to his future wife the bridal bouquet. Generally, the Bride choose the floral arrangement and the theme she wants, the Groom just must have it delivered to her on the Wedding Day. At the end of the ceremony, the Bride tosses her bridal bouquet to her dearest single friends and bridesmaids… the lucky one who will catch it will get married in a year!


Garters & Ties

In some italian regions, especially in the southern part of Italy, Brides traditionally wear a garter. The garter dates back to the 14th century when it was thought that wearing the wisp of lace would bring the Bride good luck. In Italy, the garter is taken off by her Groom during the ceremony and thrown to the wedding guests, just like the bridal bouquet. Instead, when it comes to the Groom… another bizarre tradition is about the cut of the tie. The best man cuts the Groom’s tie into little pieces and the pieces are then put onto a serving dish and sold to the guests.

Wedding favors

At the end of the wedding celebrations, just before guests leave, the Bride and the Groom give tiny gifts to their guests to thank them for their presence. This sort of present, called bomboniere, is a wedding tradition which dates back to the Romans who used them to celebrate unions and births. They’re made of white sugared-coated almonds and ribbons… the number of confetti is a key thing: it should be an odd number, five or seven as a symbol of good-luck.

The theory goes that the Bride who follows these unique traditions will live happily ever after with her half and something joyful will happen to her loved ones.

I’m waiting for you to live together an unforgettable Italian #destinationlove