How to make your wedding reception table flawless!


Among all the arrangements of your big day, planning a sit-down wedding reception plays a defining role in the entire atmosphere of your wedding-party!

Why? Your guests will spend most of their time sitting at the table. That’s why, nothing of your table details can be left to chance! Everything must be perfect!

Do you want to know what will give to your reception table a never-before-seen-style?

Wedding long table

Hence, you can’t absolutely miss this table styling tips:

– Make it “SO ME!”

First things first, you should set-up your wedding-vision, because it will totally rule the style of your reception table. Your table styling should mix & match your personality with all the elements of your wedding day, from the flower design to the stationery.

Thus, your day will go smoothly without false notes, in every single moment. Don’t forget: your special day is supposed to tell something about you and your concept of love!

– Pick your color palette

You may tend to think that picking your color palette is an easy-peasy choice, but it’s not like that at all! Generally, people think just about the ‘bridal-white’ as an iconic wedding color related to pure romance and love, but why stop there? Don’t pick banally! Let’s incorporate seasonally hues and on-trend tones in each decorative details that will ‘pop’ your party-table!

And… don’t forget: your color palette should also match with your groom!

– Play with shapes

No matter if your reception table will be a squared table or a classic circular one, what really matters is playing with shapes and giving to your table-look depth and dimension. Hence, incorporating different heights and creating layers on your table will add more harmony and lush! You don’t want your table setting to be flat! From centrepieces to glassware, a creative table styling can really set the scene of your wedding dinner. Just a little note: don’t overload your table, your guests need to talk and look one another!

Round Table for Wedding in Amalfi

– Take blooms to your table

You can’t think about your table-design without thinking about flowers too! Blooms are a must-have to give a wow-look to your tables! Classic peaches roses, modern white buds and eucalyptus or sprawling centrepieces including ranunculus, berries and variegated foliage or even lush garlands of white flowers, greenery and lemons are just some of the endless-combos to dress your table up! You just have to choose!

– Light your table up

Chandeliers are a timeless complement for any wedding dinner and if you are looking for a classy and delicate touch… candles are the best way to turn your reception table into a light-filled show! When the golden hour comes, lots of candles will surprisingly work with the twinkle of silver cutlery and crystal glassware creating an eye-catching atmosphere for your guests! Let’s shine!

– Never forget placecards

On each napkins place a namecard with your guests’ names. You’re the star of the day, but don’t forget to make your guests feel important too thanking them for their presence! You can combine fonts, shades and style with your centrepieces for a cohesive look on your table!

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