How to plan a small and intimate Wedding on Amalfi Coast!


How to plan a small and intimate Wedding on Amalfi Coast!

Best tips to plan a small intimate Wedding

Small and intimate Weddings were a trend in 2020 and will be the same in 2021. First things first, when a Wedding should be considered small and intimate? Here’s a brief explanation for you!

  • Intimate Wedding: between 50 and 75 guests
  • Small Wedding: less than 50 guests
  • Micro Wedding: 15 people or less

Once put that in context, iIf you’re a Bride-to-be looking for some tips to plan a small and intimate Wedding on the Amalfi Coast, here you will find the best tips for your ceremony. Keep on reading!

Find the right Venue

One of the key things of a small and intimate Wedding, is to make sure that your venue will work with the size of your Wedding Ceremony. Not too big, not too small and not a big deal on the Amalfi Coast! Villas, private gardens, hidden beaches and terraces overlooking the sea will be the best venue for your Italian Wedding. Moreover, be sure you will have the exclusive use of the entire venue just for you and your guests.

Invite just your VIPs

In a small and intimate Wedding you need to be very selective when it comes to your guest list. The person you will invite to your Wedding should be someone really really close to you and your Groom.

Get a Wedding Planner

Even when it comes to the most intimate ceremony, you won’t want to spend your time stressing yourself during the planning process.Hence, hiring a Wedding Planner will mean that the day will flow easier and you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Think about a Three-days Wedding

With less guests, it’s more likely they’ll all be able to take o a weekend to attend your Wedding Day and on the Amalfi Coast it will turn into a real dream. You can arrange private boat tours, tastings, brunch and dinners in the most exclusive locations of our Coast!

Reallocate the budget

With a smaller and more intimate Wedding, you will have more flexibility on how to spend your budget. For instance: décor, entertainment, music, food & drinks, accomodations and experiences for your guests.

Privacy and security

A significant reason why many couples are opting for a small and intimate Wedding is because of the greater feeling of privacy and security. Especially in this historical moment you and your guests’ safety is paramount!

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