How to seat your guests at your Wedding Reception: here come my tips!


Deciding on the seating arrangements for your guests can be one of the trickiest tasks in wedding planning. Yes, I fully understand it! Usually, invitees like to know where they’re sitting and with whom and if you’re having a considerable number of guests, a hundred or more, you’ll want to make sure everyone sits at the right table.

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There are many couples who start their seating arrangements just some days before their ceremony, but I’m sure you will have more important things to think about at such times. Since you have enough time to think about one of the last tasks on your wedding-to-do-list ….Here come my tips on how to arrange the wedding seats!

Table shapes come first

Before you start your seating arrangements, you should have already pick the shape of your tables. The size and the shape of your tables will tell you more about the number of invitees who can be seated at each one. Traditionally, round tables tend to be the most preferred ones… but lately even the imperial tables are in vogue allowing a greater number of seats due to their capacity.

Bear your venue in mind

When it comes to setting tables and guests up, the second most important point is definitely your venue! Older guests, for example, may prefer to be seated a little further from the band or out loud music. On the flip side, your friends may prefer to be given the best seats in the room to join the dance floor with you!

Mix & Match your guests

Once you’re sure about who’s coming to your ceremony, mix and match your invitees according to their relationships and interests creating true and proper small groups of people, such as: family members, old friends, work colleagues, distant relatives and so on. This will help you to make every guest feel comfortable with other invitees during the wedding ceremony having a pleasant chat or why not meeting new people.

Where and with Whom?

Classically, the newlyweds seat at their ‘special table’ in the middle of the room – where everyone can see them – and depending on how large the table is…the Groom and the Bride could sit with the maid of honor and the best man. Regarding the parents of the couple, they often take sit opposite each other at large family tables, with grandparents or close family friends. Considering another option, you could also arrange them at the same rectangular table if it is long enough!

Keep your friends close

Your friends should take a seat at the third-best tables in the entire room. You should bear in mind: the first is the newlyweds’ table, the second is parents’ table and the third nearest table is reserved to your coolest friends!

Don’t forget the kids

If you’re inviting several kids to your ceremony, you should seat them together at the ‘kids’ table’. Do not forget give them some activities in order to keep the kids busy during the lunch or dinner – their parents will appreciate it! On the other hand, if your flower girls and the ring boy are the only kids invited, let them simply seat with their parents.

Wedding tableau & place cards

As soon as you’ve figured out where to seat everyone, you need to decide how to lead them to their seats. Usually, places are displayed by table in a Wedding Tableau placed near the entrance of the reception, listing your guests’ names with their assigned tables. In addition, if you want you can place cards at each table to give clear seats or leave your invitees free to choose how to seat by themselves.

I’m here for these and many other tips on how to plan your #destinationlove together.

Let 2021 be the happy one!