P&C: how to celebrate a true love!


The magic of the sea from an ancient tower planned by Wedding Amalfi

Paola and Carmine, a young Italian couple, fell in love when they were just two kids
and since then they’ve always lived their lives together.

Carmine is a passionate, creative and brilliant young man who is dedicated to photography and fashion.
A strong passion that he turned into a real job.

Paola is a sophisticated, calm, accurate woman.
A woman who truly loves details and precision.
Not without reason, numbers are an important part of her work.

Travel, hobbies, sports, adventures, art, cooking, wine: that’s all Paola and Carmine share!
Their relationship is a kind of symbiosis mixed with osmosis made of four arms and two hearts that beat as one.

After meeting them and knowing their story, I thought a lot about what their Special Day should be like…
…and I imagined it on the sea!
The perfect venue for their Wedding?
An ancient Saracen Tower, ‘Torre Crestarella’ in Vietri sul Mare.



Their marriage and union symbolized beauty, nature, history, tradition and love.
Everything was flawless!


Planner | Wedding Amalfi
Venue | Torre Crestarella
Photo | Michele Iacobini
Video | Maur Etto
Florist | Fratelli Elefante
Setting | Allestimenti le Rose
Catering | Fiorenzo Benvenuto
Cake | Antica Dolceria Pantaleone
Stationery | The Real Annk
Fireworks | Pirotecnica Vietrese