Wedding Top-tips 2022!


This is that time of the year when all brides start to get excited about their wedding planning process. Whether you’re a postponed bride-to-be or a newly engaged one, it’s finally arrived the best time to get your Wedding on track: 2022 will be your year! A new season of love is about to begin and when it comes to the wedding planning process, there’s no doubt, tips turn into the key-thing and that’s where I come in…


The first step to do in your wedding planning process is finding your wedding vision. Start by asking yourself how you want your day to be. A big wedding ceremony or a small one? Outdoors or indoor party? In your country or overseas? A classic ceremony or a modern one? How to make the right choice? In order to get a clearer idea of what you want and what you don’t, you can choose the help of a professional planner like me. I’ll lead you through your wedding journey on the Amalfi Coast.


How should you look on your Wedding Day? Absolutely stunning! Choose every detail of your bridal look, from the hairstyle to make-up and get the best beauty-team that will make you feel like a goddess on your big-day.


Who said white is always the most appropriate wedding color? As a Wedding Planner, I often see how soft and pastel color palettes take over wedding decorations. If you’re looking for wedding inspirations for your color palette selection, start by choosing a unique one. Don’t be afraid to dare, mix and match tones with boldness!


When it comes to Weddings, in Italy, you can discover a long, long, long history of traditions… the bridal bouquet toss, something blue or old to wear, confetti throwing, vintage cars and typical toasts. If you want to give your wedding an Italian touch, you just need to follow the traditions… but make them yours!


Another crucial choice you will make during the wedding planning process will be about the venue. Why is the selection of the perfect venue so important? The venue of your ceremony can influence the entire success of the event, here is the reason why you should have to choose it with great attention. The Amalfi Coast boasts a great number of venues: gardens, ancient villas, breathtaking terraces, private beaches and historic churches. How to get the best ones? With the help of a local planner like me!


Details, details, details are those little things which matter! Why are they so essential? Details just put your special day together: flowers, jewels, decorations, rings, wedding favors, table-setting, stationery and much more. Everything will tell something about you and your love!


Relax, have fun and rely on me! One of the main reasons why brides decide to hire a Wedding Planner is to avoid stress and hours of hard work planning every single detail of your ceremony. My job is to bring brides’ dreams to life, your only concern will be enjoying your big-day!