Not an ordinary proposal: start the New Year with a ‘Yes, I will’


Are you planning to pop the question and change the rest of your life, forever?? Great, it’s a big thing!

There will probably be so many moments and ideal ways to make your proposal throughout the year, but nothing compares to the magical atmosphere of the New Year coming.

When the countdown starts, the past year will bring back to your mind every single memory and at the stroke of midnight everyone will be mesmerized by the fireworks show, with their eyes staring at the stars and their mind towards the future. Such a unique moment! And… the clock ticking from 23:59 to midnight will set the rhythm of your heart and your desires. It’s not an everyday thing, just like a marriage proposal!

A new year has just started symbolizing the beginning of a journey… and why not embark on it? Grab the moment and run with it, wait for the midnight and get down on your knees! But, wait! Don’t forget to choose a meaningful location to you two – the place where you met or you first kissed – work on your speech, simple but effective, emotions could trick and since it will be an epic moment to your beloved make sure everything goes smoothly. If you want to give a romantic touch: lanterns, candles and flowers will make the atmosphere dreamy all around!

In order to make your proposal-moment even more romantic and breathtaking, involve your family members and close friends in a proposal-party. People are not used to waiting for the New Year alone, so make sure the other guests know all about your proposal-plan in advance. Once the ‘3-2-1’ moment arrives, ask to your relatives and friends to freeze… an unexpected silence will completely surprise your better half, then you will pull the engagement ring out and pronounce the fateful words: ‘Will you marry me?’ … on the ‘Y es, I will!!!’ let the party begin! With this flawless setting, the toast will taste more sparkling this year!

A funny-tip for all those who are forgetful: you’ll hardly forget your anniversary day if it’s on New Year’s Eve!

At last, I wish you a new year full of ‘ Yes, I will’ and a #destinationlove to plan together…