Also known as the land of lemons, the cradle of the finest cuisine and Italian wines, the spot of breathtaking dawns and sunsets, the iconic place hanging between sky and sea, the house of art and natural beauty, the symbol of authentic romance.

The Amalfi Coast, with its countless magnificent glimpses, lends itself to be the gorgeous setting for a special day and more. If you’re considering having your Wedding Day in this piece of heaven and you’re wondering where the best place to live the Southern charm of the whole Amalfi Coast is, here comes the answer…

one of the twelve Heritage Hotels of the Amalfi Coast
the timeless beauty and breathtaking view over the Gulf of Salerno make this place the dreamiest venue to tie the knot in flawlessly Italian Style!



You’ll fall in LOVE at first sight with the fascinating beauty of this Venue: enchanting corners, ancient details of the Palace, elegant rooms and the lush terraced gardens overlooking the blue sea.
You’ll breathe the Mediterranean atmosphere of this place located in Vietri sul Mare a few steps from the most evocative spots of the Amalfi Coast.



The beautifully kept gardens will turn into a dreamy setting for an outdoor ceremony and reception, the perfect ‘marriage’ between intimacy and nature for you and your guests.
In Palazzo Suriano, you’ll find everything you’ve always dreamed of for an unforgettable Wedding Celebration or Destination Wedding on the Amalfi Coast, in the shadow of typical lemon groves throughout the day and under a starry sky at night.


How about this kind of magic for your Wedding Day?
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Venue | Palazzo Suriano
Photo | Photo Studio Italy
Partner | Invento Sogni


the first Haldi Ceremony
planned by Wedding Amalfi

Anuj and Abhi, definitely wanted to celebrate their Wedding in the gorgeous setting of the Amalfi Coast
in full respect of the traditions of their culture of origin.
Not everyone knows, Indian weddings are rich in special and meaningful pre-wedding rituals
and the ‘Haldi ceremony’ is one of the most important of all and marks the beginning of the entire wedding celebration.


As the tradition goes, the Haldi ceremony is being held at the Bride’s, but in this case an exception was made.
A&A chose to celebrate their first wedding ritual on a terrace overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Amalfi Coast.
Surrounded by nature and wrapped in the warm rays of the sun, the duo enjoyed the ceremony to the fullest!


During the Haldi, a rich golden paste made with turmeric, where the ritual gets its name from, was applied onto
the Bride and Groom’s skin before a symbolic bath with a dip in a luxury swimming pool.
Turmeric is considered a natural antiseptic and has the function of ‘protecting’ the marriage.
From decorations to clothes, everything was colored with a yellow color palette as a sign of luck, purity and good health.
After the ritual, the betrothed, had fun with their closest friends and family.


It was just a great intro to the wedding weekend celebrations they had on the Amalfi Coast.
Their ceremony was the most vibrant celebration of Love, a fusion of traditions and Italian beauty.
Such an honor to have been part of!

Planner | Wedding Amalfi
Partner | Invento Sogni
Photo | Alessandro Pone Studio
Video | Tafelzout Videoproducties & Sven Mooij
Venue | Villa Pandora & Bella Baia
Floral Setting | Allestimenti Le Rose & Fratelli Elefante


A lifetime love-story between a world-famous Italian Ship Commander and his wife! When a couple reaches such a milestone, it's customary to renew love promises with a religious ceremony, just like the time the very first ‘Yes, I do’ was pronounced.