Exploring the Enchanting Cilento Coast: A Mediterranean Gem!


Nestled along the southern Tyrrhenian Sea, the Cilento Coast—also known as the Costiera Cilentana—beckons travelers with its rugged beauty, ancient history, and culinary delights. Let’s embark on a journey through this captivating stretch of Campania, where azure waters meet lush hillsides.

A Coastal Symphony: where Land and Sea Embrace

The Cilento Coast extends from the Gulf of Salerno to the Gulf of Policastro, encompassing picturesque towns and pristine beaches. This region is an integral part of the vast Cilento territory, which constitutes two-thirds of Salerno province.

Coastal Charms!

  • Pollica: With its charming hamlets of Acciaroli and Pioppi, Pollica boasts the coveted Blue Flag for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters.

  • Pisciotta: Wander through ancient streets, discover hidden coves, and indulge in fresh seafood. The Blue Flag waves proudly here too.

  • Centola: Home to Marinella, Le Saline, and Le Dune, Centola’s coastline is a paradise for beach lovers. The Blue Flag flutters along its shores.

  • Ascea: Explore the ancient ruins of Velia, bask on the sandy shores of Marina di Ascea, and relish the coastal breeze.

  • Montecorice: From San Nicola to Baia Arena, Montecorice offers idyllic beaches and a taste of authentic Cilen
  • Casalvelino: Discover the Lungomare, visit the Isola, and soak up the sun. The Blue Flag flies high here.

  • Camerota: Cala Finocchiara and San Domenico welcome seafarers with open arms. A Blue Flag flutters at their shores.

  • Lustra: characterized by rich vegetation which makes the landscape lush and rich in numerous animal and plant species typical of the Mediterranean scrub, a very developed activity is fig growing.

Good News!

Starting from July Low-cost airlines announce their summer ‘24 flight schedules to Salerno’s Costa d’Amalfi Airport.

Mediterranean Diet has an Heart

 The Mediterranean dietary pattern is an example of a prudent choice of lifestyle and scientifically accepted to help preserve human health by protecting against major chronic and inflammatory diseases. Mediterranean diets (MedDiets) are characteristically high in the consumption of fruits, vegetables and salad, bread and whole grain cereals, potatoes, legumes/beans, nuts, and seeds. The Cilento Coast is the heart of the Mediterranean Diet with some of the best treasures of Italian cuisine:

  • Mozzarella di Bufala: creamy buffalo mozzarella pairs perfectly with ripe tomatoes and olive oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the Mediterranean diet provides the usage of olive oil as the main source of fat. The health benefits attributed to olive oil are specifically related to extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) intake with its high nutritional quality and multiple positive effects on health.

  • Wine: cilento covers rosso (red), rosato (rosé) and bianco (white) wines as well as two varietally labeled titles: Aglianico and Fiano (both local mainstays).

A Timeless Escape

In this splendid setting is the Castle of Rocca Cilento, one of the locations of our heart to get Married in a Medieval Castle where history meets modern excellence. In May this ancient and magical castle will host the first edition of Olivitaly Med.

As you explore the Cilento Coast, let ancient temples, sun-kissed beaches, and warm-hearted locals weave their magic. Whether you’re sipping limoncello by the sea or savoring handmade pasta, this coastal gem invites you to create memories that linger like the scent of salty air.

Buon viaggio!