Beyond any doubt, the pandemic period has put at risk the future of Weddings with harsh restrictions forcing so many couples to change their plans!
The Wedding trends we’re seeing now for 2021 are the direct result of COVID-19:

● Micro Weddings
● Garden Weddings
● Shorter Guest Lists
● DIY Bridal looks
● Unprecedented Venues
● Smaller Wedding Tables
● Individualized Food Setting
● Customized Favors & Care Packages


Micro Weddings

Even if some couples may feel more excited planning large gatherings, a lot of events planned for 2021 will be quite intimate, with shorter guest lists. Smaller weddings will be a common theme for a long time to come!

Garden Weddings

It’s a fact of life, celebrating your Wedding outdoors, the risk of coronavirus spreading is lower, so there will be an increase in the number of couples looking for garden wedding inspiration compared to last year.

Shorter Guest Lists

If the choice of the guests could become a hard task, more and more couples are prioritizing the health and safety of their loved ones by limiting the presence of people at their Wedding.

DIY Bridal looks

The so-called “corona brides” are experimenting with doing hair and makeup by themselves developing new skills in order to eliminate any possible risk of contagion.

Unprecedented Venues

Have you ever thought about celebrating your Wedding on a boat? With an intimate guest list, couples are thinking outside of the box by tying the knot in non-conventional venues like a boat or a backyard.

Smaller Wedding Tables

Due to social distancing rules, tables will look smaller during this Wedding season, think groups of four to six instead of 10 to 12.

Individualized Food Setting

No more sharing food! For both seated dinners or buffet-style, caterers are opting for a more personalized serving style with individual plates and mini finger food portions.

Customized Favors & Care Packages

For custom-made accessories most of the couples will opt for masks, sanitizer and boxes for the guests full of treats!


Finally, all the new Wedding trends will totally change the 2021 Weddings, but every detail of your Special Day will be unique and with greater customization of each service!
And… What about your Destination Wedding on Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most exclusive destinations for couples to tie the knot and has been one of the affected areas from COVID-19. In summer, Europe will officially reopen borders and we’ll be able to travel around again.
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