How to fly you to Amalfi Coast? Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration!



It’s a pity not to have the pleasure to enjoy the amazing glimpses of our italian Coast, this summer season! Why not fly with the mind towards one of the most popular & romantic destination settings? Here, some tips that will make you breathe the Italian atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast…


Citrus in every nook & cranny

Citrus will definitely evoke the feeling of Italian coastal tradition. After all, this region is well-known for its fresh and colorful citrus, symbol of the entire Coast, especially lemons. These natural elements could be the best chic decoration giving your Wedding Day an authentic Italian touch!

Never forget old-timey things

The Italian tradition, particularly in southern Italy, is rich in tradition and old-timey decorations, hence, you should be sure to incorporate that ancient feeling with every element of your table-setting. Golden candle holders, silver serving tray, porcelain dishes, antique cutlery and crystal glasses will help you to create the flawless Italian setting you want.


Steal the landscape

Amalfi Coast boasts some of the most breathtaking panoramas & landscapes in the World…terraces overlooking the blue sea, ancient villas, exclusive hotels, charming gardens, private beaches! Why not take advantage of its natural beauty? You will steal the landscape and the landscape will steal the show!


Opt for greenery

Same old floral decorations are totally out! Surrounded by the natural setting of our Coast, you should go for a rustic style: lots of foliage, delicate white flowers and a touch of natural yellow… The perfect match for an Italian-inspired arrangement!

Plenty of traditional food

You’re in Italy, the best cuisine in the World is here! Play with the local traditional food creating a sort of delicious street-market where your guests will find the most tasty traditional food.


Theme-based stationery & favors

Last but not least, you should convey your Italian theme throughout your Wedding Day incorporating greenery, florals and citrus details into your stationery to highlight your Italian-inspired ceremony. Stay within the Italian theme also for your wedding favors: a mini bottle filled with limoncello or local wine is the perfect touch for your guests to never forget your special Wedding Day!

Let’s live a dream come true together for your #destinationlove

Waiting for you!