Since the beginning of the 20th century Positano has been the favourite place of many famous people from all over the world, especially artists. All guidebooks will offer you the long list of famous writers, musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors, photographers and actors who have lived or spent their holidays here, being inspired by the magic of the spots. Nowadays not only businessmen, politicians and TV stars but also a lot of common people are guests of the town all year long.

The small streets and the flights of steps that characterise Positano offer a wide variety of small shops, typical workshops, ateliers, and cafes. That’s why shopping or just strolling and wandering around are the first thing that all tourists do in Positano. The place is popular for the production of clothes, lemon liqueurs and sweets, handmade shoes, and many other specialities that you will discover here.

Positano has an ancient history as part of the medieval Republic of Amalfi, but there are very few founds from that period. The most part of the monuments date back to the 18th century. The church of Santa Maria Assunta, near the beach, has a fine majolica dome and a couple of notable old paintings. Palazzo Murat is now a luxurious hotel, but it often hosts public cultural events, so it is quite easy to visit its interiors. Classic music, literature and ballet are also at home in Positano.